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Waste management optimization

Using our BrightSense sensor and platform to reduce waste collection costs by up to 50% by making routes more efficient.

Check out the BrighterBins website:

Brighterbins website
Some Numbers:
  • Over 6000 modules deployed

  • Fits 90% of bins

  • 30-50% cheaper than competitors

  • Up to 8 years of battery

  • Open API

  • Save up to 50% of waste collection costs


What we provide

We produce cost-effective smart sensors and solutions for municipal and commercial waste pickup.


  • The 'Brightsense' sensors measure fill levels and data, sending them to either our or a third party platform.

  • Our platform uses data from sensors and AI-algorithms to optimize waste pickups and city planning.

This means

  • Cost reduction

  • Less heavy traffic

  • Emissions cut

  • Greener cities

Waste oil caddie with BrightSense module
Waste oil caddie with BrightSense module

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Glass waste with BrightSense module
Glass waste with BrightSense module

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140 L paper bin with BrightSense module
140 L paper bin with BrightSense module

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The Sensor

The 'BrightSense' module is the result of 4 years of engineering work.

We're proud to present the product. It can boast of:

  • Its low cost

  • Open API - compatible with any third-party platform

  • Flexible design

The Platform & App

Our platform is multifaceted, with functionality for every branch of your company.

The platform uses AI and machine learning to optimize pickup routes and city planning. 

Our platform is simple, without sacrificing functionality. 


We'll tailor the solution to your needs. 

With BrighterBins no use-case is too niche - we've been talking to companies, modifying our product to create a versatile solution.

Our open API, flexible design, and motivated team will ensure that you get the product you need.

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