The world's simplest, cost effective stick-and-go solution for garbage collection 


BrighterBins is a modern way to dispose of wastewater outside the public sewer system. It allows you to forget all the worries about filling and overflowing the tank, and in the future to prevent under-filling as well to consequently saving a clear amount of money.


BrighterBins' solution consist of their unique and innovative Smart Sensors linked to its own developed Smart Platform. Both products contribute to an improved waste management system and offer the ultimate solution to intelligent waste collection and route optimitization   



BrighterBins features

Route Optimazation for Pick-up Trucks

Battery life up to 8 years 

  • Our smart sensors prevent overflowing bins, keeping cities clean. 

  • Our platform collects data from the sensors enabling route optimization and prediction for waste pickup.


       This means 

  • less heavy traffic​

  • less CO2 emissions

  • greener cities.

       Our system cuts up to 40% of costs on waste            collection


  1. BrighterBins fill level sensors are installed in garbage bins. These sensors are small, rugged, and easy to mount. These sensors measure the fill level of bins at an adjustable rate.

  2. BrighterBins Platform calculates smart routes for the pickup trucks enabling them to pick up trash at the right time. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict the fill levels and learn the optimal routes.

       Open API to connect to any smart city platform          including Cisco Kinetic for Cities.

       Compatible With LoRaWAN, Sigfox and NBIoT            networks worldwidE


Save Money 

Quick & Easy installation


Thanks to smart features & unique industrialized design, BrighterBins are being sold all over the world.

Our Smart sensors are already operating in:

  • Belgium - Germany - Greece - Norway 

  • Sweden - Estonia - Finland - Ireland

  • Switzerland - UK - Dubai - Canada - India

  • Singapore - Australia

Your Country not on the list?

We can ship worldwide !!



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