The world's first intelligent street gullies monitoring system.


BrighterGullies is a modern way to dispose of blocked or overflowing street gullies.  It allows you to plan when to empty and clean the gullies without doing unnecessary extra work. It prevents flood at rainy times.


BrigterGullies consists of a monitoring device, with a smart sensor, which will be installed in the street gullies. This device is then linked to a Smart Platform on which the fill level can be checked and notifications can be installed. 

BrighterGullies features

Flood Detection 

Water & Flow Level 

Alarm Warning & Generation

Temperature Monitoring

  • Municipalities are quickly having to adapt to changing conditions because of Climate Change.

  • One of the biggest implications will be an increased risk of high surface water flooding from after rainfall.

  • BrighterGullies solution helps you safeguard your community by actively monitoring water levels.​.


The Gully sensor is able to work under very extreme conditions. Even when the temperature hits -40°C or +40°C it will keep working.

This device also works on batteries which last up to 8 years which makes it very friendly for remote areas, such as Municipalities


BrighterGullies' IoT Platform



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