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The BrighterWater


Rural and Urban water management

Through installing our BrightSense Modules in water drains, over rivers, tanks and in water infrastructure we give cities a detailed overview of water levels. 


  • Early flooding warnings

  • Tracking of water levels in your city or area

  • Monitoring clogging of water drains

  • Monitoring residential water reserves

  • Useful insight

Keeping your city safe and prepared.

Municipalities are quickly having to adapt to changing conditions due to climate change. One of the problems is increased risk of high surface water flooding after rainfall - The BrighterWater solutions helps you safeguard your community by having advanced data on water flow and levels. ​

The sensor is mounted in water drains, under bridges and more - for widespread monitoring. This is possible because of its low price and sturdiness. ​

For gullies, rivers and water drains. 

For Tanks

intelligent waste water & oil tank monitoring system.

Through installing our BrightSense modules in water tanks, both waste water and rain water, you'll save both money and time. 

You can:

  • Empty waste water tanks when needed - cutting unnecessary costs.   

  • Prevent overflowing waste water and sceptic tanks.

  • Create a grid of information on water fill levels - informing actions to prevent both flooding and drought.  

The tanks are linked to either our or your smart platform, keeping monitoring simple and intuitive. 

Waste oil caddie with BrightSense module
Waste oil caddie with BrightSense module

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Modified BrightSense module for access through water pipes
Modified BrightSense module for access through water pipes

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BrightSense module monitoring waste oil
BrightSense module monitoring waste oil

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Connects to: LoRaWan, Sigfox or NBIoT

Battery life up to 8 years 

No unnecessary emptying

Quick & Easy installation


Flood Detection 


Water & Flow Level 

Alarm Warning


Temperature Monitoring

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