The BrightLock System

Full control over your assets

A flexible bin-locking solution, only allowing access to paying customers or when bins are empty.

With BrightLock you get full control over your bins or containers. Allowing solutions that previously have been impossible due to high costs. 

Image by NeONBRAND

The Problem

Bin capacity being used by non-paying customers.

Illegal dumping is a common problem, we aim to fix it. 

Residential and cabin waste containers are way to often subject to illegal dumping. Bins are stuffed to the extremes, resulting in countless hours of picking up waste that should've been thrown elsewhere.

The waste hauling industry is one of the industries most prone to working overtime. 

The BrightLock 


Saving Time, money and preventing overflow

The flexible solution - made for centralized pickup points.

With BrightLock we provide a locking mechanism inside bins or containers - that can be used in a variety of ways. 

Combined with our BrightSense module you can:

  • Restrict access to the residents the bin is meant for

  • Charge a set price per bag thrown in - online & fast payment

  • Lock bin when at full capacity

  • Activate camera to identify illegal dumpers

Image by Goetz Heinen

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