The Geolokr System

Tracking your goods, waste or others.

Our Geolokr modules provide easy GPS tracking - creating a sturdy, cheap and flexible solution.

Track shipping, monitor container rental and more. 

+ optional fill level, temperature and motion monitoring. 

Deploy and monitor

Monitoring deployed containers for waste or storage.

Cheap and mass-deployable container monitoring. 

The Geolokr module can be used by container rental companies, keeping track of all your assets, their condition and more. Optional temperature, fill, motion and lock mechanisms enable complete control of your deployed containers. 

Ship and monitor

Monitor your shipments

Cheap and mass-deployable monitoring of shipments. 

Shipment data from checkpoints can come few and far apart, and they offer no information on your shipments condition and motion.

  • Live map information

  • Optional temperature and fill monitoring

  • Optional locking mechanisms

  • Motion detection

  • Identify hard drops and hold handlers accountable.

Your shipments are valuable, keep them safe.

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