We are not a consulting company

There are thousands of IOT start-ups with great ideas, but virtually no funding and thousands of companies with IoT PoCs that they can’t bring to market.


  • Ideas and applications are sexy, execution is usually not

  • Ideas are cheap... Execution is hard

Smartends helps these companies bring their ideas to market. We focus on the non sexy part of the business, helping companies get the job done.


The world's simplest, cheapest, stick and go solution for municipal garbage.


Cities often collect their garbage bins when they are less then 25% full. that way they waste a lot of time and money that can be saved by using our sensor.


A stick and go solution for garbage collection. Stick it on, turn it on, and the sensor will send data on fill levels to a site you can access or to our smart garbage tracking solution. This will help reduce garbage collection costs and with the data collected, support municipalities to do better waste planning and develop a greener and a sustainable neighborhood.


BrighterBins is developed by the Belgian company SmartEnds.

  1. SmartEnds core business is focused on industrialized Sensor Solutions. We use a modular design to keep costs low and offer quick customization.

  2. We have our own team of in-house experts covering software and hardware design, platform and data analytics.


How Are We Different ? please visit BrighterBins website and get in touch with the team

fill level underground water tanks

ultrasonic sensors

We are now also selling our sensors as an ultrasonic sensor which has a few advantages


  1. range: this sensor works with a minimumrange of 8 cm and a maximum range of 600cm.

  2. support: the sensor can support multiple different frequency transducers.

  3. power usage: this device has an extremely low need of power. With a single dry battery it is able to run more than 4 years! Talk about efficiency.

  4. Multiple object detection: It's able to detect and registrate multiple objects at once

  5. ready to go solution: with this product you buy a sloution that is already modified to fill your needs. No more worries for you.

Next to all these advantages there ​are also some more applications for these sort of sensors.


  • Liquid level control in tanks

  • People detection for counting

  • Robotic sensing

  • Stacking height control

Want to know more? Please get in touch!​


The Tank sensor is a device that can sense the water level in any underground tank. It's a modern solution to handle wastewater that is not connected to the public sewer system. The installment and implementation is very easy and takes only 15 minutes.


Since an underground water tank is in no way connected to the public system, there is no way to tell how full they are. That's why waste handling companies go empty those tanks every week or more. This is a very costly and inefficient way to do that. With our sensor, companies know exactly when to go out and empty which tanks saving a lot of money for everyone in the process, and it's better for the environment.


The Tank sensor is able to work under very extreme conditions. Even when the temperature hits -40°C or +40°C it will keep working. This device also works on batteries which last up to 10 years which makes it very friendly for remote areas.


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