We'll never stop innovating

At SmartEnds we're creating simple, cheap and versatile solutions for companies, cities and municipalities all over the world. 

Over the past years we've deployed solutions in over 15 countries

SmartEnds is still a young company, we're actively seeking out difficult wishes - so that both we and you are prepared for the future.

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Optimizing waste collection routes.


Complete control over your bins - wireless admissions control.


Valuable data on your cities water situation.

Made for you

The next product could be in response to your wish.


Keeping track of your goods and shipments.

The BrighterBins 


Waste management optimization

Knowledge is power, especially in logistics. 

  • Our BrightSense sensor measures the fill levels, motion and temperature of waste containers.

  • Our platform and app uses AI and machine learning to cut routes and pickups costs. 

The BrightSense module and BrightPlatform create the BrighterBins Solution - cutting waste collection costs with up to 50%

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Or visit the BrighterBins website:

  • Over 6000 modules deployed

  • Fits 90% of bins

  • 30-50% cheaper than competitors

  • Up to 8 years of battery

  • Open API

  • Save up to 50% of waste collection costs

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Public bin in the Netherlands with BrightSense module
Public bin in the Netherlands with BrightSense module

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2000 L metallic containers with BrightSense module
2000 L metallic containers with BrightSense module

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Waste oil caddie with BrightSense module
Waste oil caddie with BrightSense module

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The BrighterWater


Preventing flooding & cutting water drain maintenance costs

Both floods and droughts are becoming more common, we're part of the solution.

Through installing our BrightSense Modules in water drains, over rivers and in water infrastructure we give cities a detailed overview of water levels. 

  • Warning you of floods

  • Keeping track of water levels

  • Monitoring clogging of water drains

  • Monitoring residential water reserves

Are you working within water infrastructure or flood prevention? Contact us.

Read about the BrightSense Water System:


The Geolokr


The complete container tracking solution

Keeping track of containers position, fill level and motion. 

Do you rent out containers for waste or recyclables? Maybe you want to manage freight shipments? Our tracking solution enables GPS tracking, as well as optional temperature, fill and motion tracking. 

Read about the Geolokr Solution:


The BrightLock System

Complete control over your bins

With BrightLock you can lock and open the bin at your will - getting complete control.

The BrightLock system allows you to control who gets acces to your bins, paired with the BrightSense module this is a powerful tool. It allows you to:

  • Only give access to residents

  • Lock bin when full

  • Require payment per bag thrown

  • Prevent illegal dumping

The BrightLock system can be integrated to any of our waste solutions - giving you full control.

Read about the BrightLock Solution:


Made for you

Flexibility is our motto

Every customer is different - So is each sale.

The SmartEnds ecosystem isn't a uniform solution. We mix'n'match solutions to create the best one for you. 

All of our solutions started with the customers - creating solutions that weren't on the market or alternatives to faulty competitors. 

Get in contact with us. We'll listen to you and create a solution at rapid pace. 

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