Focused on low power long range wireless networks

Our technology is based on a modular hardware platform that is be able to work on several IoT wireless technologies (SigFox, LoRaWAN, NBIoT and Bluetooth Low Energy). The platform has integrated Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and  Ultrasonic sensors, accelerometer and magnetometer. We call it Flex IoT sensor platform. Brighterbins and SmarTrax are derivative products built on FlexIoT platform.

Hardware & Firmware Design

Our core expertise is hardware design and firmware development. We do that with an R&D team that consists of

10 Engineers. Our design focus is low power consumption, long battery life, cost optimization, robust antenna design and design for industrialization. The design is based on our Flex IoT platform with sensor abstraction layer, hiding the unnecessary details from the application developers. This way our design can got to market very fast

IoT Cloud Platform

SmartEnds Cloud Platform is custom built to SmartEnds needs in order to develop End2End solutions. 

Key Features:

Remotely Manage IoT Devices

Over the air Activation & Configuration

Real Time Device Monitoring

Over the air firmware upgrade (not possible in some cases due to limited Downlink Bandwidth)

Collection & Analysis of Sensor Data

Deliver Alarms and Targeted Notifications

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