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What and who we are.

SmartEnds rapidly innovate within water and waste management with a focus on flexibility, price and quality.Through the last years we've delivered solutions in 15+ countries to satisfied customers - and we're not stopping.

We innovate trash.

BrighterBins is our biggest daughter company. It is a key player in the waste management industry, developing the IoT solutions of tomorrow.

​BrighterBins develop the next-generation smart-solutions for waste management and haulers around the world.Primarily the BrighterHauling solution.​

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Flexibility in focus, We make our solutions synergy-friendly, both with each other and with outside systems or products. Our team is ready to aid you in the process, even if we need to make modifications.

We believe the future of IoT is synergy rather than separation. Therefore we use an open API for our product and we're AWS certified - both meaning we easily cooperate with existing systems.

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