SmartEnds Vision AI Solution:
A Revolution in Glass Recycling and Ceramic (CSP) Contaminant Detection

At first glance, recycling glass seems straightforward: deposit the appropriate materials into designated bins, and they should re-enter the recycling process to be used again.  However, the complex nature of the glass recycling process leads to over 25% of used glass being sent to landfills. This is due to contamination. When tiny fragments of glass become intermingled with other substances, such as bottle tops, stones, and ceramics, separation becomes challenging. Consequently, this contaminated glass often finds its way to landfills. The presence of contaminants such as Ceramics, Stone, and Porcelain (CSP) presents challenges to the recycling process, risking the spread of harmful impurities. SmartEnds addresses this issue with their innovative Vision AI sensors, revolutionizing glass recycling.

SmartEnds Vision AI Solution:
SmartEnds introduces Vision AI smart cameras, powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies, to detect CSP contaminants in glass waste before it enters the recycling facility. This technology detects and eliminates CSP materials, ensuring the production of high-quality recycled glass and promoting sustainable waste management practices.

How it Works
Upon arrival at the glass recycling facility, the collection vehicle unloads its contents into a large container on site. At this juncture, our advanced Vision AI camera, strategically positioned on the container's wall, activates to record a brief, approximately 10-second video. This footage captures the glass waste being transferred from the truck to the container, documenting the flow of material.

The AI-driven technology then meticulously analyzes the footage to pinpoint any CSP contaminants. Once identified, the system promptly dispatches a notification, along with the detection video, to the truck operator or facility management. This rapid alert enables swift intervention to extract the contaminants from the load.

Our primary goal is to preemptively remove any CSP related contaminants from the glass, streamlining the recycling process by ensuring only clean material progresses to the next stages of processing.

This entire operation is facilitated by our cutting-edge Smart Camera, which is securely installed on the facility's wall and leverages WiFi & LTE-M for seamless connectivity. The captured video is wirelessly transmitted to the staff's mobile devices, providing them with precise insights into when and where contaminants appear within the process. For example, if a contaminant is detected at the 2-second mark of the video, the team can act immediately to address and remove it, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the recycling procedure.

Benefits of SmartEnds Vision AI Sensor:

1. Enhanced Recycling Efficiency: Improves efficiency and productivity by ensuring high-quality recycled glass.

2. Reduced Landfill Waste: By removing contaminants early in the process, the system helps decrease the amount of glass and other materials sent to landfills.

3. Improved Quality of Recycled Products: By ensuring that only high-quality, uncontaminated glass is processed, the final recycled products are of a higher quality.

4. Cost Savings: By streamlining the recycling process and reducing the need for manual sorting, the system can lead to significant cost savings in terms of labor and operational expenses.

5. Enhanced Worker Safety: Reducing the need for manual sorting of glass waste also minimizes the risk of injuries to workers, leading to a safer work environment.

6. Environmental Impact: By improving the efficiency of glass recycling, the system contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint associated with the production of new glass, supporting broader environmental sustainability efforts.

The implementation of the Vision AI sensor system in the glass recycling process marks a significant advancement in waste management, recycling and environmental sustainability. This innovative technology not only enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of glass recycling but also plays a crucial role in reducing landfill waste and improving the quality of recycled glass products. Its ability to provide real-time monitoring and rapid response to contamination issues ensures a cleaner recycling stream, which is essential for both environmental and economic reasons.

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