SmartEnds Vision AI

Smartends Vision (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the waste and recycling industry. AI-powered image recognition and machine learning algorithms can also sort waste into different categories, making recycling more efficient. Additionally, AI can assist with predicting future waste generation and streamline waste management processes. It has the ability to make waste and recycling operations more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective.

ai based smart sensor for waste management  machine learning
camera ai sensor for waste detection

Camera Sensor

fill level by image processing and machine learning

Fill Level

cloud based ai and machine learning for bin fill level

Cloud-Based Data

detect contamination by image processing

Contamination Detection

waste type recognition by using machine learning


api integration for waste management


smartends vision ai : visual recognition with ai and machine learning

Key Features

waste recognition with ai machine learning

Visual Recognition

Uses computer vision algorithms to recognize and categorize different types of waste materials in real-time.

waste sorting with camera sensor process

Improved Sorting Accuracy

Improves the accuracy of waste sorting, reducing the risk of contamination and improving the efficiency of recycling operations.

machine learning data for training

Real-time data

Provides real-time data and insights into waste generation patterns, allowing managers to make informed decisions about waste management processes.

Intelligent waste management system using deep learning with IoT

Machine Learning

Continuously improves sorting accuracy through machine learning algorithms, which adapt and improve over time based on new data and information.

routes with ai route prediction in waste management

Decision Making

Helps managers make data-driven decisions about waste management processes, based on real-time data and insights.


smartends vision waste classification with machine learning

    9.28” (L) x 4.7” (W) x 1.59” (H)


    GPS (2M accuracy)    Accelerometer
    Wide-angle Camera  Temperature sensor


    IP67 Weatherproofed
    Operational 35°C to 75°C


    Magnetic Protected Activation


    3 years battery life
    LiSoCl2 battery


    CAT-M1 LTE / NBIOT  Wi-Fi
    LoRaWan, Bluetooth

Profit & Pay off

Waste segregation using Deep learning algorithm

Improve recycling efficiency.

Reduce collection costs.

Measure what matters.

Access actionable data.

Immediate  actions based on notifications.

Reduced Co2 emissions.

Reduced pollution and contamination.

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